World Record Holder, Human Guinea Pig, Richard Bowles

Episode 096
Richard Bowles is an adventurer like no other. A seemingly fearless man, his ability to go beyond his emotions has allowed him to conquer the most daunting trials and excel as an international speaker.

Today’s guest is known as a human guinea pig. He succeeds in his adventures by understanding his fear and doing things despite feeling scared. His many triumphs attest to his strength, both physical and emotional. Richard’s adaptability and perseverance also determine many of his successes. He is a man who lives with both passion and intuition, and his resilience is truly inspiring. Meet Richard Bowles.

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Richard Bowles intuitiveness has resulted in a rich and happy life. He is the kind of man who trusts his gut above anything else. He listens to his calling attentively and befriends his fear, using it to propel him forward instead of holding him back.

Richard Bowles lives for the joy one gets from going through a challenge, enjoying it as best we can and overcoming it despite our fears. He believes that, more than any motivation, what drives him to go on his adventures is his intuition. Richard listens to what his gut tells him, despite how his mind may resist. He meets discomfort, uncertainty and change with a ready mind and an open heart.

Richard Bowles believes that the greatest triumph we can achieve is overcoming our own emotional setbacks and setting ourselves free from self-doubt and second-guessing. Richard is a man who sees pain and discomfort as necessary parts of life. With this perspective, he is able to acknowledge his fear and let it drive him to be more focused, vigilant and creative.

All his extreme projects, thrilling as they may be, also offer plenty of wisdom that Richard happily imparts during his talks and appearances. It is through his adventures that Richard is able to inspire many to face their fears and live their lives to the fullest.

In this episode, Richard Bowles talks about how the power of our innermost desires can create a life filled with all types of adventure. He discusses how he manages his fear and how his adventures have shaped his life.


You can connect with Richard Bowles through his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. You can also reach him through his website.

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