How To Sleep Better With Sleep Expert & Professor of Sleep Disorders Rafael Pelayo

Episode 155
Rafael Pelayo is one inspiring individual. By nurturing curiosity, it has led him to the heights he has reached in the field he’s been fascinated by since his younger years.

Today’s guest is a Sleep Expert that has helped many people unlock their way to better slumber. As a Professor of Sleep Disorders, his insights are beneficial to most of the populace that are not getting their good night’s rest. Meet Rafael Pelayo.

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Keen on learning the best techniques to get the best out of your sleep for a better waking life experience? Rafael Pelayo, with his zeal for catching z’s, has given his Top 3 general advice on how you can do just that.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Rafael Pelayo:

  • 02:04 – Curious About Why We Sleep
  • 14:05 – An Essential Biological Need
  • 22:19 – How to Do the Nap
  • 24:45 – When We Are Sleep Deprived
  • 27:11 – Economic Impact of Sleep Disorders
  • 33:21 – What’s Keeping You Awake?
  • 38:04 – Possibilities of Hacking the Brain
Rafael Pelayo is the fellow to ask for every sleep-related question, and he’ll only leave you satisfied at the end of your fruitful conversation. After all, it’s a subject he has wholeheartedly dived into, despite some discouragements he had to face.

Rafael Pelayo was in his teens when he had the epiphany that he can control his dreams, which is essentially what Lucid Dreaming is. This realisation led to more questions, like “Do animals dream?” which he got answers to along the way as he pursued his passion for the art of slumber.

While studying at the University of Puerto Rico, Rafael Pelayo expressed his desire to specialise in sleep but was laughed at by his peers. Nonetheless, a spark of kindness from someone eventually led him to the Einstein College of Medicine, where he studied sleep medicine with a foundation in child neurology.

Rafael Pelayo, who has made a 30-year-long career out of the woes and wonders of sleeping, is now a Clinical Professor at Stanford University’s Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine. He is also the author of a book titled “How To Sleep,” a no-nonsense guide for every human that sleeps and enters an altered state of consciousness through dreaming.

In this interview, Rafael Pelayo doesn’t just talk about his area of expertise but also drops a few nuggets of wisdom here and there, inspiring us all to follow our dreams.

Reach Rafael Pelayo thru or go straight to Stanford Profiles. You can also contact him via LinkedIn.

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