Elite Athlete Physiotherapist and Community Education Advocate, Nick Marshall

Episode 154
Nick Marshall is a kind soul. And with firsthand experiences, his compassion has grown to lead him towards the advocacies he holds close to his heart today.

Today’s guest is one of Australia’s bests as an Elite Athlete Physiotherapist. He is also big on being a Community Education Advocate, lecturing and teaching in Australian Universities about various topics and areas of expertise. Meet Nick Marshall.

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Are there practices one can do to prevent pains and aches while working at home in the midst of a global pandemic? With his vast knowledge in physiotherapy, Nick Marshall shares a few tips and tricks.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Nick Marshall:

  • 06:52 – Discipline and Consistency
  • 13:37 – Sliding Doors Moment
  • 15:06 – What is Normal?
  • 22:02 – Maintain Movement
  • 27:22 – Sleep Hygiene
  • 34:13 – A Different Way to Do Something
  • 41:59 – One Little Mantra
Nick Marshall is someone you can talk to all day about a range of different subjects. Why? Because this 2020 Queensland Local Hero is a good listener who also shares insights that are worth taking note of.

Nick Marshall may have grown up as a dyslexic individual, but that has never stopped him from pursuing what he wanted to go for in life. Growing up in a supportive family, he only wants to pass on the kind of upbringing he’s had, and what better way to do it than being an advocate for people with special needs.

As someone who sees that we are all in the spectrum, Nick Marshall knows that everyone is different and that’s alright. The director of Medical services for the Australian Lifesaving Team just has a way of making you feel safe in his presence, so the turf he’s treading fits him perfectly well.

Nick Marshall has also been chosen by the National Rugby League to be their game day Physiotherapist for NRL referees, putting him on the field in every Broncos and Titans home games. That includes test matches as well. On top of that, he co-founded Surf Life Physio.

In this interview, Nick Marshall opens us up to the question of “What is Normal?” He also motivates us to keep movement as a priority and even shares a mantra that he lives by in his every day life.

Nick Marshall is always active and available on his Facebook Page Albatross Nippers-Nick Marshall, and you can also visit Surf Life Physio for more of his work on physiotherapy.

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