Parenting Expert, Author, Educator, Maggie Dent

Episode 151
Maggie Dent is steadfast in her mission to help parents raise their children in healthier and more fulfilling ways. With her eye-opening insights on parenthood, she is making a difference in the lives of families from all walks of life.

Today’s guest is one of Australia’s most beloved parenting experts, who is also a renowned author and educator. She makes regular appearances on national TV and is currently hosting the ABC podcast Parental As Anything. Meet Maggie Dent.

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Why is it important for children to learn how to regulate their own emotions? Maggie Dent goes in depth as to why and gives practical advice on common situations parents face in dealing with their kids.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Maggie Dent:

  • 11:24 – Absorbed Play
  • 16:27 – Potential Creative Genius
  • 19:50 – Emotional Buoyancy
  • 25:55 – Good Mindsets
  • 28:42 – Tantrums & Meltdowns
  • 37:40 – Co-Parenting
  • 41:54 – Stay On Your Own Lane
Maggie Dent knew she wanted to work with children and adolescents the moment she stepped into a classroom as a high school teacher. And with her insatiable passion for understanding humanity, she is bound to aid more of them along the way.

Growing up as an introvert and an empath, Maggie Dent came to see through the masks of students who were struggling from within. After that realisation, she chose to leave the four corners of the classroom to pursue counselling.

Maggie Dent now calls herself an accidental parenting author and educator because she never had them as part of her life choices in the past. Yet, here she is with seven major books to her name, including the bestseller Mothering Our Boys (2018) and her newest release From Boys to Men (2020).

As a proud mother of four amazing sons, Maggie Dent has become a ‘boy champion’ and can speak from experience whenever she shares about parenting boys and parenthood, in general. She loves creating resources that not only parents can use, but also others who are intent on nurturing their lives.

In this interview, Maggie Dent gets candid about teaching kids (and adults alike) life lessons such as the fact that life can be messy at times, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

For more of Maggie Dent and her radical work that’s quietly improving lives, you may visit her website by clicking here.

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