Expert in Play: The Importance of Playing in Children and Adults, Robyn Monro Miller

Episode 153
Robyn Monro Miller is a true advocate of child play and adult play alike. One thing that keeps her driven is the idea of cultivating happy and healthy childhoods.

Today’s guest is the President of the International Play Association (IPA). As an expert in play, she’s all about sharing the significance of such acts not just for one’s physical well-being, but overall mental health as well. Meet Robyn Monro Miller.

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Where exactly does innovation come from? For Robyn Monro Miller, it stems from the little interactions and collaborations we participate in, and she further expounds on this through this interview.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Robyn Monro Miller:

  • 05:52 – Children Learn Through Play
  • 08:22 – Every Parent is Trying Their Best
  • 11:50 – Research on Boredom
  • 18:35 – Play for Adults
  • 24:45 – Innovation is that Spark of Creativity
  • 32:19 – Leaders Have to Be Authentic
  • 37:13 – Gaslighting
  • 44:04 – Smile & Eye Contact
Robyn Monro Miller sees play and playfulness as something we should never lose touch of in our day-to-day lives, no matter what age we are in.

Robyn Monro Miller has three decades worth of experience in working with kids and families in Education, Outside School Hours Care (OSHC). She has even seen herself take part in the UN General Commentary about Article 31 “The child’s right to play” as a United Nations international delegation member in 2012.

Robyn Monro Miller, who is always on the lookout for people with the same values that back it up with actions, was elected as the President of the IPA in 2017, making her the first Aussie to land this role in the association’s 65-year history.

As someone who believes that obstacles are often opportunities to stop and reflect or maybe do something differently, Robyn Monro Miller is making the world a better place by pursuing her work with diligence despite the pandemic.

In this interview, Robyn Monro Miller shares her fresh perspective on topics from parenting bored kids to gaslighting in the workplace and even the splendours of smiling and eye to eye contact.

Want to dive more into Robyn Monro Miller’s initiative? Catch up to her on LinkedIn! You can also visit Play Australia to learn more about their 100 Play Streets project.

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