Nobel Prize Winner, Immunologist, Scientist and Author, Professor Peter Doherty

Episode 148
Peter Doherty is a Nobel Laureate earnest in his profession. As a servant of science, he took the road less travelled and was led to an unusual but interesting life.

Today’s guest discovered the role of T cells in the immune system together with Swiss scientist Rolf Zinkernagel. By doing so, he received the highly sought-after Nobel Prize in Medicine (1996). His insightful discovery in the flourishing field of immunology has also made him one of Australia’s National Living Treasures. Meet Peter Doherty.

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What’s the best way to deal with the uncertainty of life? Professor Peter Doherty shares his years’ worth of wisdom as he talks about living through life’s unpredictability.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Peter Doherty:

  • 03:53 – The Big Discovery
  • 12:43 – All About Vaccines
  • 26:49 – What Bothers a Scientist
  • 33:50 – Uncertainty is Part of Life
  • 38:15 – The Danger of Fake News
  • 41:44 – Meeting Interesting People
  • 49:20 – Social Media: Its Pluses and Minuses
Peter Doherty dedicated his life to answering essential scientific questions. When most people wouldn’t even dare to ask, he does so wholeheartedly.

As the patron of Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Professor Peter Doherty is diligently disseminating factual and useful information about the current COVID-19 pandemic afflicting the globe. What’s even more impressive is he’s doing all this while in his 80s.

Peter Doherty is actually the first veterinarian to be granted a Nobel Prize. The discovery he and his Swiss colleague made in 1973 may have taken 23 years to be acknowledged by the prestigious award-giving body, but it is now translating into the newest form of cancer treatments and more.

Passionate about upholding an evidence-based view of reality, Peter Doherty also delved into the world of publishing by releasing books. One of them is Pandemics: What Everyone Needs to Know (2012). Today, he is very vocal about saving the environment and the importance of philanthropy in our society.

In this interview, Peter Doherty, a man who is not afraid of change and is a lover of open discussions, shares how he believes we can all be communicators.

Know more about Professor Peter Doherty and his work through the Doherty Institute website.

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