Living Proof That Everything Is Possible, Alvin Law

Episode 100
Alvin Law is an inspiration in every aspect of his life. Gaining the best from an unimaginable situation, his decades of living and sharing his story contribute to the reality that anything is possible.

Today’s guest is a well-known and revered public speaker. He is an incredible man with plenty of talents that he shares with the world. Alvin’s positivity and happiness makes us rethink our lives and re-evaluate our limitations. He is a living example of gratitude, resilience and kindness. Meet Alvin Law.

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Alvin Law’s ability to see life in all its beauty proves how perspective is all that matters. By not letting any obstacle get in the way of his growth, he motivates others to walk their truth and live their life.

Alvin Law was born with a condition triggered by anti-morning sickness medications. His birth mother gave him away, but he was even more blessed by the foster home he grew up in instead. Through his parents, he learned how special he truly is. By tapping into his essence, his parents made him realise that setbacks are not hindrances; they are challenges to be overcome.

A keynote speaker since 1988, Alvin has made a living from inspiring others. He does so with so much gratitude and generosity. Alvin is also a world-class drummer, and plays the trombone and the piano. In his talks, he shares about his life and all that he has learned from the unique yet universal challenges he has faced.

Alvin proves that with patience and determination, success can be achieved. He is a man on a mission. His goal is to spread as much positivity and hope by helping society, not just by being an example but by truly reaching out and contributing to the world.

In this interview, Alvin Law shares about his failures and triumphs. He talks about how he became the man he is today, and how you can live a life as full and happy as his. This episode is a treasure box of the biggest lessons Alvin has learned in life.


You can connect to Alvin Law through his website, He is also active on social media platforms like Facebook, as well as on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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