Crisis & Hostage Negotiator & Negotiation Instructor, Scott Tillema

Episode 098
Scott Tillema is a man who strives for excellence. After achieving tremendous success in his career as a police officer and hostage and crisis negotiator, he is now changing the lives of others by imparting his knowledge. He is inspired by others’ growth and journey towards their own brand of success.

Today’s guest is a professional speaker who specialises on negotiation. Especially crisis negotiation. His years of service in the police force has given him the knowledge necessary to help people negotiate in business as well as in their personal lives. His experiences all come from hard work and always being ready for whatever opportunity life may throw his way. Scott’s dedication to serving others along with his highly developed skills make him a great coach who we can all learn from. Meet Scott Tillema.

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Scott Tillema lives for knowledge and growth, not just for himself but for all he encounters. With Scott’s passion, courage and generosity, he can provide the most useful techniques on how to deal with a crisis while remaining focused on one’s goals and values.

Scott Tillema was born and raised in Wisconsin where his father, a member of the Air Force, taught him all about selflessness and the beauty of serving others. It is a principle that remained with him throughout his life and has influenced who he is today.

He received education on Behavioural Sciences, even a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, and was exposed to police work and service through an internship with the Wisconsin Police Department. All of this knowledge and experiences came together to lead him to a career in crisis and hostage negotiation. In this field, Scott excelled not just because of his own technical skills but through the support of his team and his mentors.

Scott Tillema needed to be an expert decision-maker if he wanted his negotiations to be a success.  However, beyond smooth-talking and analysing a person, Scott believes that active listening is key to any successful negotiation. Combining that learned skill with having a strong yet flexible framework, Scott has navigated many crises with being both firm and kind. He also emphasises the power of research and having solid information to gain power in a negotiation.

In this interview, Scott Tillema shares his experiences both as a novice and expert negotiator. He also talks about how he handles the most difficult negotiations through 4 useful principles. Scott also discusses the power of listening and what it really means to be open and receptive to information.


You can connect with Scott Tillema by sending him a message through his LinkedIn profile.

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