Cancer Survivor, Speaker, Best Selling Author, Michael Crossland

Episode 094
Michael Crossland is a man of generosity and service. As a world-renowned speaker and best-selling author, he has influenced the minds and lives of various individuals across the globe. He is truly an inspiring figure in the way he leads and serves others.

Today’s guest is an amazing coach who provides motivational seminars and touches the lives of others wherever he goes (we are talking more than 600,000 people). His battle with cancer at such a young age has made him the pillar of strength he is today. Michael uses all that he has overcome to inspire others to be mindful and stay grateful for all the blessings we receive. Michael’s dedication to help others and make an impact in this world make him the icon he is today. Meet Michael Crossland.

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Michael Crossland is a fearless man with big dreams for humanity. He understands how each of us can overcome the challenges life gives us if we allow our spirits to become stronger than our hardships. Michael’s resilience, faith and generosity moves everyone who hears his story. His beliefs and values are strengthened by his desire to leave a beautiful legacy for his family.

Michael Crossland had a very difficult beginning in life. Diagnosed with an incurable type of cancer before he was a year old, he has relied on his mother’s love, strength and positivity to survive the worst illnesses and adversities. Throughout his childhood, he has gone through chemotherapy, operations, heart attack, and having his time on Earth numbered by doctors of every kind. It was his mother who has helped him live as normal a life as he possibly could, despite what everyone else said.

As he grew older, Michael understood how powerful generosity was in creating happiness and purpose in his life. Through various charities and by starting his own orphanage, he was able to impact the lives of many just by giving his time, energy and resources to those in need. The more he gave to others, the more blessed he felt, and so he kept on giving.

Now, Michael Crossland is enjoying success in the public speaking world as he inspires others with how he has conquered the adversity that life has thrown his way. He was able to transform what others would see as an impossible situation and is living a life others can only imagine.

In this interview, Michael Crossland talks about how he approaches difficult problems with three simple steps. He also how he has achieved professional success, his plans for the future, and what success and happiness really means for him.


You can connect with Michael Crossland through his website or any of his social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn


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