4 x World Ironman Champion and 6 x Australian Ironman Champion, Personal Coach, Trevor Hendy

Episode 137
Trevor Hendy is on a never-ending journey of his personal truth–from being an athlete to a father to a soul coach. To him, every moment is an opportunity to move from the ego-mind and physical body to pure spirit..

Today’s guest is a legendary Australian athlete who has been dubbed as “The Greatest Ironman in the World.” He is also recognized in the world of surfing and kayaking. He is currently a life-changing spiritual coach and professional speaker. Meet Trevor Hendy.

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What can “The Greatest Ironman in the World” teach us about flow, presence and purpose? Trevor Hendy reveals his immense wisdom in this generous and inspiring conversation.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode:

  • 2:51 – Personal truth
  • 13:24 – Travelling
  • 18:18 – Perfect conditions
  • 33:25 – Parents and children
  • 43:16 – Asking and listening
  • 47:57 – Resilience and flow
  • 1:01:38 – Becoming more present


Trevor Hendy believes in tuning in, staying present and admiring the oneness of all. He imparts all he has learned from enhancing his focus and creating flow in his time as a professional athlete. He generously utilizes his wisdom to improve our daily existence and to help us reach our potential.

Trevor Hendy has always been gifted at sports. He has explored different activities, even leaning towards tennis at some point. Above all else, he enjoyed the thrill of Ironman, a sport that most connected to his heart.

At a young age, Trevor Hendy developed an emotional connection to his goal: having the perfect Ironman race. With a clear goal in mind, he shifted his mindset and believed every condition was the perfect one. By placing intense focus every training session, every race and every moment, he has achieved this goal. However, this came with consequences. Achieving his dream made him see all the things he has forgotten in chasing after it. He has jeopardized his relationships, his integrity and his spirituality.

Facing this reality, Trevor Hendy translated the wisdom he gained in sports to the bigger picture. He strived to be a good human being. Looking back on a childhood filled with models of integrity and service, he found his way back to his essence. Having children also unravelled so many lessons within him.

Now, Trevor Hendy helps others realize their own personal truths. He is a professional speaker and hosts a 12-week online spiritual coaching program. He helps others see beyond the dualities of life, beyond our preferences, beyond our personalities. Only then can we uncover our purpose.

In this interview, Trevor Hendy shares why flow is more important than resilience, in sports and in life. He also talks about how to be present. Here, he emanates the joy we can have when we embark on the journey to know our selves, understand our oneness and discover our purpose completely.


You can connect with Trevor Hendy through his official website where you can also avail his coaching program, Boot Camp for the Soul. You can send him a direct message at trevor@trevorhendy.com, or through his Instagram account. He also has a YouTube channel for inspiring content.


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