Creativity, Innovation, Discipline, Taking Action and Having A Choice,

Episode 141
Seth Godin is a blogger, author and entrepreneur extraordinaire. An innovative problem solver in the world of business, his curious mind continues to serve his readers daily after decades of dedication to his purpose.

Today’s guest is a best-selling author of 19 books including “The Practice,” “We Are All Weird” and “Tribes.” He is a marketing guru who also has his own podcast and a blog he writes on every day. He is an American Marketing Hall of Fame inductee and a teacher to many. Meet Seth Godin.

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What can a marketing legend, best-selling author and owner of one of the most popular blogs in the world say about success? Seth Godin shares some insights on creativity, innovation, success and happiness.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Seth Godin:

  • 1:51 – Purpose
  • 2:36 – Creativity and Imagination 
  • 4:00 – Curiosity
  • 6:30 – Asking and listening
  • 9:04 – Quality is meeting spec
  • 10:44 – Attitude and mindset
  • 13:21 – Taking action
  • 15:56 – Flexibility and motivation
  • 17:55 – Working with others
Seth Godin is all about problem-solving. He derives happiness from problems worth solving, situations that require his focus and creativity. He is a thought leader and owns one of the most popular blogs on the entire web.

Seth Godin was born a lucky man. Growing up, his curiosity was fueled by his parents. He was also able to attend the most prestigious schools, has worked in successful companies and started several of his own. He utilized his privilege along with his philosophical mind to help many of us understand the abstracts of marketing.

He believes that creativity is not a gift bestowed upon a lucky few, but a skill that we need to practice. In fact, he believes that any attitude can be learned. Seth Godin is a man of principle, one who sets his mind on something and dedicates his energy to it. He does this by doing things–no matter how imperfectly–without fail.

Service is a prime motivator for Seth Godin. He does his work to contribute and make his own mark, to spark a difference in the world. With deep empathy and an assertive attitude, his phenomenal books and blog posts touch and attract readers worldwide.

In this interview, Seth Godin gives us a preview of his attitude and mindset towards success. He also talks about why we need to take action, stay consistent and always adapt to change.


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