Professor and Women in STEM Ambassador, Lisa Harvey-Smith

Episode 077
Lisa Harvey-Smith has an amazing personal and professional compass. She fell in love with astronomy as a kid and it has shaped her life and others’ around her through her passion and belief in humankind.
Today’s guest is a professor and renowned astronomer who is currently mentoring doctorate students while working on one of the biggest telescope projects in the world. As an Ambassador for Women in STEM, Lisa pushes for massive changes by eradicating gender stereotypes in these fields through various projects.
Lisa brings creativity into astronomy. She values expansion and goes beyond what a typical professor and scientist does. Lisa boldly represents her gender along with her passion for STEM and does her best work collaborating with a diverse collection of minds.

Lisa Harvey-Smith thanks her lucky stars for being introduced and immersed in astronomy as a young girl. Her fascination began with momentous events such as Challenger’s explosion and Halley’s comet’s arrival in our atmosphere. The first time she saw the planets on a telescope, she fell in love and never looked back.

These beautiful encounters are what propelled her to study the basics: math, chemistry and physics. Her own dedication was strong enough to get her through dispassionate professors and classes in college, leading her to a doctorate program she thoroughly enjoyed.

Lisa’s first fascination focused on how gigantic stars in the Milky Way were born. This path led her to mentors and other scientists who taught her the beauty of creating and breaking theories. Lisa operates with the belief that failure does not apply in science as every incremental move in any direction makes the subtle and complicated field of science beautiful and rich.

Astronomy takes patience and courage, two traits that Lisa has mastered well. She is able to take risks, face challenges and even encourages hiring people who go against each other, always with evidence-based facts and respectful attitudes to back them up. Apart from being a scientist, Lisa’s most important work lies in her position as a STEM Ambassador for Women. She aims to break down the man-made barriers that limit women from pursuing careers in STEM.

In this interview, Lisa talks about the necessary changes in STEM that will benefit mankind from their homes, schools and workplaces. Lisa is all about the fundamentals, and this conversation shows her work ethic, creative pursuits and pure dedication to exploration.



You can connect with Lisa Harvey-Smith through Linkedin or her websites, and . She also has profiles on all social media platforms. Lisa is a published author, with a children’s book called “Under the Stars” and another book for adults entitled “When Galaxies Collide.”.

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