First Woman to Travel Every Country in the World, Cassie de Pecol

Episode 145
Cassie de Pecol is an advocate for women and for responsible travel. She pursued her passion for travel, propelled by the dream to find the good in every corner of this Earth. When she did, she decided to give the good back to the world.

Today’s guest is an expeditionist who ranked as the fastest person to ever travel every country in the world. She is a renowned keynote speaker on responsible tourism, sustainability and women empowerment. Her incredible travel experiences showed how, at our core, we are all the same. Meet Cassie de Pecol.

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What does a person who has reached every country in the world have to tell us about trust, sacrifice and self-reliance? Cassie de Pecol shares beyond travel tips and doles out priceless nuggets of wisdom.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Cassie de Pecol:

  • 6:35 – Preparing to travel
  • 10:48 – Backpacking and expedition
  • 15:15 – Going back home
  • 18:35 – Travel advice
  • 24:54 – Creativity and problem-solving
  • 26:34 – Trusting the process
  • 28:04 – Staying motivated
  • 30:46 – Pursuing your passions
Cassie de Pecol is a firm believer and a great example of how big goals and big sacrifices add up to immeasurable rewards. Her world travel taught her to let go of judgements and prejudices, which led to an abundance of sacred experiences.

As a little girl, Cassie de Pecol already had big dreams of travelling the world. Luckily, she was blessed with an open-minded upbringing. Their parents allowed them to pursue their passions. They tried all types of education, from homeschooling to Waldorf education, offering them a unique lifestyle. At an early age, Cassie de Pecol learned how to be self-reliant and to think outside the box.

At the age of 21, she started backpacking with only $2,000 to her name. She spent the time working various jobs while travelling to earn a living and to get around. After 2 ½ years of rustic travel, Cassie de Pecol set out to start her expedition. It took 3 years of networking and finding sponsors, saving babysitting money, and making big sacrifices to get her trip around the world started.

Her expedition has revealed so much of the world and of humanity to Cassie de Pecol. She began to understand how, at our core, we are all the same. She also learned to leave any and all preconceptions at the door whenever she encounters something new. Her values have evolved she began advocating for responsible tourism and safe travel for women. Through all those months of travel, Cassie de Pecol kept her focus on her goal and created moments of peace through all the chaos.

In this interview, Cassie de Pecol gives an abundance of useful travel tips. She also shares how she learned to trust the world and herself completely.

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