How to fix social anxiety, Entrepreneur & Podcaster, Mark Metry

Episode 089
Mark is a man of unlimited potential. With thousands of supporters at such a young age, his ability to transform himself for his mission has made him a success in more ways than one.

Today’s guest is a podcaster, entrepreneur and soon to be published author. His battle with social anxiety serves as an inspiration for many as he triumphs over his mind and serves with his heart. Mark’s dedication to helping those with social anxiety creates a cycle of joy in his life and the lives of others. He is a great role model for the youth to go beyond their trauma, to thrive in business and in life. Meet Mark Metry.

Mark talks with passion and adds vitality to such an important issue people of all ages face today. He is a real life wonder when it comes to using pain as a catapult for tremendous success. With years and years of his life ahead of him, Mark is only scratching the surface of his pure potential.

Mark grew up with simple and humble beginnings in Boston, where he grew up living an immigrant’s life. His Egyptian parents hustled hard to provide for their small family and met each challenge with resilience. Despite their struggles and being an introvert, Mark thrived as a child and enjoyed his small circle of friends.

However, things changed when they moved to a rural area where diversity was unwelcome and bullying was prevalent. The stress that came with experiencing constant racism and a negative environment really took a toll on Mark’s overall well-being. Instead of being a good old fashioned introvert, Mark suffered from physical illnesses and mental health problems for a decade of his youth. Shying away from others and being invaded by self-limiting and anxious thoughts, Mark was on his way to a complete breakdown.

As he reached college, the world opened up for Mark. He began to understand his anxiety and the poisonous loop it perpetuates in his life. After an encounter with depression, his breakdown miraculously transformed into a breakthrough. He was called to inspect his life and worked hard to create changes that would later on become the framework of his very philosophy. A kid who was once suicidal now thrives as a motivational podcaster and speaker. His book, “Screw Being Shy,” is a collection of all the radical and life changing ideas he lives by. It is both a manual and a companion to all who suffer what he has survived.

In this interview, Mark shares his wisdom and plenty of sustainable solutions to confronting social anxiety. He talks about his mission in life to help those with social anxiety, and opens up about the value of genuine connections and being of service to others. Mark also discusses his successes and his dream of living a truly rich and vivid life.


You can connect with Mark Metry through his website which contains plenty of information, along with the links to his podcast (Humans 2.0) and his book (“Screw Being Shy”). He is also very active on LinkedIn and can be followed on his Instagram account.

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