Holographic Telepresence, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Expert, Founder of HUMENSE, Scott O’Brien

Episode 121
Scott O’Brien aims to redefine presence and upgrade our experience of reality. Working for 20 years on his project, he is truly a master in his field.

Today’s guest is the founder of HUMENSE, a leading company in augmented and virtual reality. His desire to challenge the status quo and recreate our experiences makes him the innovator he is today. Meet Scott O’Brien..

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Why is Holographic Telepresence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality the future of communications?

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Scott O’Brien:

  • 1:50 – Virtual and augmented reality
  • 7:21 – 5G technology
  • 10:28 – Holographic telepresence
  • 30:23 – Creativity
  • 36:35 – Uncertainty and difficult decisions
  • 40:36 – Routine and flow
  • 42:59 – Asking questions and listening skills


Scott O’Brien’s self-awareness and diligence let him shape his environment and hack into the world. He uses mind-blowing experiences that encourage people to get comfortable with the unknown by using Holographic Telepresence, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

Scott O’Brien can easily differentiate things that many of us cannot even fathom: augmented reality, virtual reality, and holographic telepresence. Other companies and innovators claim to offer products that produce virtual reality. However, Scott believes that he has truly accumulated the ingredients to create the perfect recipe for an elevated and genuine virtual reality experience.

With high hopes for the future, Scott O’Brien links the current pandemic with a more urgent desire for 5G technology and holographic telepresence to connect people. He believes that these upgrades will challenge the status quo, and will transform industries who will willingly accept this change.

Scott O’Brien believes that to innovate and create is to travel in time. He definitely has amazing predictions for the future of technology. He also believes in leaders’ ability to challenge their employees. It is a leader’s job, after all, to help employees get into the flow and enhance their skills, to be achieved by hacking their minds and their environment.

In this interview, Scott O’Brien ponders about ethical ways of introducing new technology. He also talks about how innovation is a team sport, and how success is more meaningful when shared.


You can connect with Scott O’Brien through his email address, scott@humense.com. He is also active on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


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