INC Magazine Former Executive Editor & Author, Bo Burlingham

Episode 115
Bo Burlingham has dedicated decades helping business owners, and as the former Executive Editor of INC Magazine, he has inspired many to be the best leaders they can be.

Today’s guest is an icon in the business world. He was the Executive Editor of INC magazine for many years and wrote many best-selling books such as “Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big,” that allow us to rethink how business cultures are created. Meet Bo Burlingham.

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Bo Burlingham believes in courage and fortitude. He is a hard worker with a real passion and curiosity to uncover others’ stories and learn from them. He uses what he knows to help others, serving people through his books and philosophies.

Bo Burlingham views leadership as opportunities to innovate. Business leaders turn to his advice on how to run their business with heart, integrity and passion. Bo likes to focus on the long-term: the goals, the vision.

His fire comes from a natural curiosity towards other peoples’ stories. Digging deep into the truth, Bo Burlingham transforms his research into gold by sharing what he has learned through books and talks. He is a man that many people trust.

Bo Burlingham has published 5 books and is a contributor to Forbes. He became a respected name in the industry as he worked at Inc. for 33 years.

In this interview, Bo Burlingham shares plenty of solid advice for business owners and innovators. He talks about his experiences as a writer and gives insightful opinions on business trends and styles.


You can connect with Bo Burlingham through his Linkedin Profile.

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