SPRINT and MAKE TIME Co-Author & Co-creator, John Zeratsky

Episode 117
John Zeratsky (together with Jake Knapp) is a man who has innovated the process of design, production and time management. Experimenting with the way we develop ideas, he has come up with a unique way to get projects moving.

Today’s guest is the co-author of two amazing books on focus: ‘Sprint’ and ‘Make Time’. He has created helpful step-by-step processes not only for business owners and product managers, but also for any time we face uncertainties and complexities. Meet John Zeratsky.

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John Zeratsky knows the value of time. He believes that the power of design transcends visuals. Instead, design offers the key towards the processes and disciplines that we can use on any problem.

John Zeratsky has grown from a career with some of the most exciting brands like YouTube and Google. In fields where he was free to combine his own styles and perspectives with others, he thrived. As a design partner for Google Ventures, John discovered how to optimize the beginning of every team project.

The idea of ‘Sprints’ and ‘Make Time’ both focus on allotting focused time to build something of value. Through a 5-day process and a 4-step program, participants are given the space to think deeply and the opportunity to be exposed to different viewpoints. Both of John’s books and philosophies centre on aligning goals and preserving the mission while being flexible to different ways of executing a plan.

John Zeratsky believes that by designing these structures, teams and individuals will have the time and energy necessary to create and innovate. So far, his theories have worked wonders for numerous companies and teams.

In this interview, John Zeratsky talks about the philosophies and stories behind Sprint and Make Time. He also shares his ideas on creativity, success and time.


You can connect with John Zeratsky through his Website and via Linkedin.


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