World Top 5 Business Coach & Best Selling Author, Chester Elton

Episode 088
Chester Elton is a guru of gratitude. A best-selling author on leadership, his passion for creating strong company cultures has empowered leaders all over the world.

Today’s guest is a world-renowned business coach who works to inspire businesses with strong core values, especially gratitude. Years of research and public speaking have made him famous globally as an effective leader of leaders. Chester’s positive attitude and kindness attracts success of all forms in all aspects of his life. He is truly an example of how a good heart can create lasting happiness and success. Meet Chester Elton.

Chester’s energy brings joy to individuals, organisations and readers of all walks of life. He is the kind of leader every employee wishes to have and every CEO wishes to be. He creates cultures with gratitude as the foundation and sees the best in people and in life.

Chester is a very fortunate man, not because he grew up in a rich household but because he belongs to a happy home. His father taught him all about kindness and positivity, making gratitude a benchmark of his childhood. Chester has worked in the media for decades before deciding to strike it out on his own.

In his book (Leading With Gratitude- Eight leadership practices for extraordinary business results), everyday life and business are to be approached with nothing but gratitude. He encourages seeing the good in people and getting rid of negative judgements on any situation. As a leader, Chester models spreading kindness and creates cultures that value individuals. He knows the power of motivating people and making sure that every person feels valued.

Chester Elton views all mistakes as learning opportunities, finds lessons in failure and transforms setbacks into opportunities. He shares this knowledge in all his books and his talks, empowering both CEOs and employees through his words. Beyond all this, however, Chester is most proud of his family. He has been married for 34 years, has 4 children, and attributes his happiness and success to them.

In this interview, Chester shares many helpful strategies for leaders of all kinds. All his advice is practical and is grounded in kindness. He talks about how he handles stress, how to engage employees effectively, and the undeniable power of gratitude.


You can connect with Chester Elton through Linkedin, his website and The Culture Works website.  His company’s website is rich in information and knowledge that leaders of organizations big and small can benefit from.


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