World Record Freediver and Navy Seal Trainer, Anna von Boetticher

Episode 090
Anna von Boetticher is a woman of deep passion. With a world record and years of training as a free diver, her ability to conquer the depths of the ocean makes her an inspiration for adventurers across the globe.

Today’s guest is a remarkable free diver and Navy Seals trainer with a thirst for exploring the unknown. Her ability to overcome limitations leaves everyone who witnesses her adventures quite breathless. Anna’s passion for exploration and her ability to push beyond the ordinary creates a unique life that many only dream of (watch an amazing video here). She is a beautiful example of the unconquerable strength of the human spirit. Meet Anna von Boetticher.

Anna von Boetticher is as passionate about free diving as she is about life. Her sense of gratitude and appreciation for the world around her has brought her an amazing career where she fulfils her dream of exploring the unknown and understanding beyond what is normally experienced by all. Anna still has dreams to fulfil, yet is already content and grateful beyond measure.

Anna von Boetticher had a fun and adventurous childhood growing up in the mountains of South Germany. In her youth, she has discovered her strength as a diver and her love for going beyond what the eyes can see. Her parents and 3 brothers have gifted her with an inquisitive spirit and encourage her to never take anything for granted.

Her willingness to look at the world with joy and wonder is what propelled Anna into a truly breathtaking career as a diver. Her intense curiosity to explore the unknown places of the Universe made her dream of being an astronaut. However, it was Anna’s childhood adventures that led her to become an explorer of the deep sea instead. With every fascinating encounter she had with water, Anna became more motivated to be a great diver, just so she can experience the beauty of this secret world.

After spending years as a technical scuba diver, Anna was thirsty for more knowledge and wanted to continue challenging herself. As she joined a free diving course in March 2007, she was immediately hooked. By November of that year, she successfully broke national and worldwide records in free diving. As the years went by, Anna’s skills and techniques only got stronger as she worked tirelessly as a cold water diver and Navy Seals trainer.

In this interview, Anna von Boetticher talks about her passion for exploration. She shares her experience with diving in the most extreme environments. Anna also discusses how she overcomes the challenges and fears that come with these adventures, and how to solve problems and remain calm under pressure.


You can connect with Anna von Boetticher through her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Photos by TOBIAS FRIEDRICH

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