Random Acts of Kindness VP & TED Speaker, Brooke Jones

Episode 118
Brooke Jones is a woman whose kindness naturally spills over. Dedicating her life to making kindness the norm, she reminds and inspires many to bring out the good in themselves.

Today’s guest is a leader unafraid to promote the softest of skills: kindness. Her optimism and honesty speak not just of the greatness of her foundation, Random Acts of Kindness, but of who she is as a human being. Meet Brooke Jones.

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Brooke Jones finds meaning and purpose in being kind. She knows her place in the world and the impact she can bring just by striving to be good.

Brooke Jones came from a childhood that many wouldn’t dream of having. However, it is from these years of incredible difficulty that the seeds of kindness were planted into her soul. This is from these experiences that she understood how to see the good in others. She recognises that everyone carries a story, a pain, a flaw that we have no right to judge.

Her work for Random Acts of Kindness has introduced her to various experiences and opportunities, including meeting the Dalai Lama. She is also a mother who learns every day by introducing altruism to her daughter in both small and big ways. Brooke is honest with the pleasure she derives from helping others and encourages others to feel good about being kind.

Brooke Jones is an amazing person not just in her kindness but also in her simplicity. She uses the little things, life’s little moments and joys, to survive challenges. She knows how to find happiness in the ordinary, while still doing extraordinary things to make the world a better place.

In this interview, Brooke Jones talks about her personal struggles and how she has triumphed over them. She also speaks about the positive impacts of kindness to individuals and to the world.


Brooke Jones encourages you to check out her foundation’s website, RandomActsOfKindness.org and also connect with her and via Linkedin.


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