Vertical Gardens Specialists, Owners of Junglefy, Jock and Hanna Gammon

Episode 095
Jock Gammon and Hanna Gammon are nature advocates through and through. As experts and innovators of their field, they are beginning to create an impact on urban environments in Australia. They are on their way to creating great things for all of humanity as their business grows.

Today’s guests are the owners of Junglefy, a pioneering company on vertical gardens and indoor “jungles” (an example of their work is the vertical gardens of the main building in Central Park Sydney). Their desire to make a positive contribution and to impact change in the world has led to a successful venture. Their projects and installations leave people breathless, why supplying people and places with clean air and beautiful facades. Jock and Hanna combine their entrepreneurial skills, scientific knowledge and hard work to develop new technologies for both plants and humans. MeetJock Gammon and Hanna Gammon.

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Jock Gammon and Hanna Gammon are passionate about plants. With Jock’s knowledge in business and Hannah’s background in biology, this power couple lead the way for individuals and companies who wish to add greenery, health and wellness to urban settings. Their skills and their values combine to create successful massive projects that benefit entire neighbourhoods and cities.

Jock Gammon is an Australia native who grew up surrounded by landscaped gardens created by his mother and learning stock trade secrets from his father. Hanna Gammon grew up on the other side of the globe, in Finland’s countryside where she was surrounded by nature all her life. The two met when Jock created his residential landscaping company. Their professional relationship turned into a lifelong partnership solidified by their joint enterprise.

Junglefy is a passion project for both Jock and Hanna Gammon, not just as a legacy they will leave for future generations but as a reason to get up every morning. They believe in powerful collaborations created by passionate and positive people, and this has allowed them to work on the most amazing projects that have never been done before in Australia. In essence, Junglefy aims to transform urban spaces into nature-filled sites that not only add beauty but actually contribute to the health of people in those spaces.

Jock and Hanna Gammon are living examples of how giving back to the world brings more joy and success into one’s life. By working with the latest technology to connect people with their roots, they have created a new wave of environmentalism that Australians can take part of.

In this interview, you will learn about the processes involved in creating these green spaces developed by Junglefy. Jock Gammon and Hanna Gammon also talk about the things they have learned from failure, the importance of the work they do, and the things they value most in life.


You can connect with Jock Gammon and Hanna Gammon through their respective LinkedIn accounts and Junglefy’s website. They also have social media profiles on YouTube and  Instagram. You can also get updated content through their hashtag, #JunglefyYourCities.

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