Olympic Gold Medalist & World Record Holder, Stephanie Rice

Episode 085
Stephanie Rice is the quintessential athlete. Disciplined and dedicated, she is an optimist through and through. She reached great heights of fame as an Olympic medallist, and continues to use her influence to change the world.

Today’s guest is a professional swimmer and one of Australia’s best athletes. Falling in love with the water from a young age, swimming gave Stephanie a sense of identity and opened all the best opportunities for her. Winning several Gold medals, and breaking world records at the Olympics definitely changed her life. But it wasn’t the medals and accolades that changed things. It was the journey that brought change, the hard work and discipline it took to win. Meet Stephanie Rice.

Stephanie radiates positivity and her charisma is as warm as it is empowering. She is also a woman of great integrity in sports, in business and in life. Her ability to turn pressure into golden opportunities allows her to stand out and gives her the success she has today. She has experienced her fair share of ups and downs, enabling her to create an advocacy around her love for swimming.

Stephanie Rice has always considered herself lucky. She has incredibly supportive parents who supported her when she discovered her passion at a very young age. She also has an inspiring coach who taught her great values and developed her character. With all this love and support, it would seem like Stephanie was born to be a great swimmer. So, that is what she became.

Winning the Beijing Olympics of 2008 as a young Australian swimmer was one of the proudest moments of Stephanie’s life. This is where she learned how to balance her desire to win with the need to remove pressure on herself and stay calm no matter what goes on around her. Stephanie tapped into her internal source of energy, allowing her to break her own record and swim the fastest she ever could in her life.

However sweet the victory, being on the spotlight came with unexpected consequences. What was previously gratifying eventually became a burden for Stephanie as the demand of a hectic schedule promoting herself and others took a toll on her mental and physical health. Every difficult moment taught Stephanie to be strong, unravelling important questions in her mind and challenging her choices. Such hardships and inner turmoil gave her a personal power she never knew she could unleash.

In this interview, Stephanie talks about the power of visualisation, discipline and staying in your own lane. She shares her personal rituals and talks about her “glass half full” philosophy in everything she encounters in life. Stephanie speaks about how, in her life, happiness has become a beautiful blend of personal, philanthropic and entrepreneurial success.


You can connect with Stephanie Rice through her website and Instagram.

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