Stand Up Comedian, Arj Barker

Episode 048
Arj Barker’s prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed. He has sustained a big name in the ever-changing world of comedy for decades.
Today’s guest brings laughter to the world with his surreal sense of humour. He is a multi-faceted American entertainer, whose talents include stand up comedy, writing and acting. Meet Arj Barker.
Arj is obsessed with getting on stage. He was involved in the Flight of the Conchords and will soon star in his own movie.

Arj Barker took a little community college – meaning his highest degree is 12th grade.
Growing up, he realised he was a stand-out, weird and that he enjoyed getting laughs from other people. When he first tried stand-up comedy, Arj was immediately hooked and so he found himself working his way through the craft.

Now, Arj is one of America’s best stand up comedians. He has reached that financial stability and success that he now travels really nice – bus who?

As he travels all over the place, Arj is also onto the next adventure of his life – starring in his own movie.

In this interview, he talks more about his involvement in the Flight of the Conchords, his upcoming movie and the secrets behind his comedic success.

He also offers advice to people looking to get involved in the competitive comedic industry.

In this episode, you will learn more about the off-stage Arj. If you’d like to get in touch with Arj, connect with him via his website.

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