Small Business Development Consultant, Estie Rand

Episode 064
Estie Rand is a businesswoman, who is on a mission to find out the struggles of small business owners. All her accomplishments point to two things: flexibility and positivity.
Today’s guest is passionate about running and helping businesses and coaching small business owners. She is also the woman behind the Business Breakthrough Podcast. Meet Estie Rand.
Estie is an over-achiever. Her work centres on coaching, consulting and teaching businesses that yearn to be more profitable.

Estie grew up in New York. Growing she looked up to her aunt the most, who she recalls to be a very creative, inspiring professional woman in the workforce.

Estie started doing business at the age of 10, something she always thought was super fun. So she took up marketing management with a minor in advertising and communications in university.

After working for a number of international companies across North America and the Middle East, Estie now runs a full-service consulting firm helping businesses and organisations earn more money with less headache.

However, it was not all roses for Estie. In this interview, Estie talks more about her journey including the challenges she’s had to face along the way (including moving acrross two continents, having 5 children, running her own business and podcast).

Estie provides insights on the landscape of the most profitable small business, as well as the opportunities available to them. She also offers one top tip for individuals eyeing that huge business success.

In this episode, you will learn more about Estie’s successful career life. Connect with my guest via her LinkedIn, Instagram and at

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