The GRIT Institute Founder, The GRIT Factor Author, First woman to fly Apache Helicopters, Shannon Huffman Polson

Episode 136
Shannon Huffman Polson lives to serve, create, learn and love. She integrates her purpose into all her projects, refilling her cup of wisdom as she fills the lives of others with knowledge.

Today’s guest is a respected author, speaker and adventurer. She has gotten through the most challenging situations and is a living testament of how grit leads to success as a leader and an individual. She is focused, passionate and driven. Meet Shannon Huffman Polson.

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How do grit and resilience make us more creative individuals and better leaders? Shannon Huffman Polson tells us what she has learned from her journey.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Shannon Huffman Polson:

  • 14:18 – Purpose
  • 16:31 – Motherhood
  • 17:46 – Commitment
  • 25:29 – Mindset
  • 30:11 – Creativity
  • 36:25 – Grit, resilience, leadership
  • 42:32 – Decision-making
  • 45:31 – Taking action
  • 48:37 – Best habits
Shannon Huffman Polson is a fireball of grit and resilience. Her energy is captivating and her mission to serve others by fulfilling her purpose is inspiring. Her passion for storytelling allows us to apply other people’s narratives into creating a story that’s uniquely ours.

Shannon Huffman Polson grew up in Alaska, where resilience and self-efficacy was key to surviving and thriving. Service has always been part of her calling, but her purpose has evolved through the years. After serving in the military, she decided to direct her passion elsewhere.

What fascinated Shannon Huffman Polson the most is how we learn from stories. We learn and grow by looking at the world from another’s perspective. When she founded The Grit Institute and wrote her books “North of Hope” and “The Grit Factor,” they served as a tribute for all the lessons she has learned through others.

Shannon Huffmon Polson believes that above all else, we need to commit to owning our stories. By being in charge of our narratives, we discover and become deeply bound to our core purpose. It takes work, but this is how we begin to learn and how we launch our dreams. Grit and resilience are key to this process, as with all important challenges in life.

In this interview, Shannon Huffman Polson talks about how grit makes us better leaders. She also shares advice on sparking creativity, taking action and realizing one’s purpose.


You can connect with Shannon Huffman Polson through her official website and through The Grit Institute’s official page. She is also active on social channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

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