‘Sculpture by the Sea’ Founder and Director, David Handley

Episode 083
David Handley is a revolutionary man. He provides society with amazing art they can enjoy for free, to help them (and himself) get by in this crazy world of ours.
Today’s guest created Sculpture by the Sea, an annual free art event in Australia, from a need to find and give peace amidst the vast problems he sees in the world. What can be seen as his cynicism is actually his empathy, as exhibited by his dedication to bring this major event for the people to life. After decades of hard work, he continues to find ways to fight for art and, evidently, for the people. Meet David Handley.
David is a fighter. He stands for what he believes in. It is this resilience that has kept Sculpture by the Sea successful for decades, even with little to no support from the very organizations that are supposed to support his cause. David persists, pushed forward by his belief that everyone (artists and audiences alike) deserves access to great art.

David Handley had a fortunate upbringing, with a successful father and a creative mother. It is in his mother’s love for the arts that David first fell in love with theater and film, which would then lead to the internationally renowned event, Sculpture by the Sea.

Before founding and producing such a phenomenon, David worked tirelessly to become a lawyer. From the beginning, his plan was to practice the law for 2 years, learn all he can and get on with his life. What he wanted to do to impact the world, he was unsure of. What he did know was that he wanted to create a free event, something that could be enjoyed by all. Another rule: The artist should be able to do whatever it is he wanted.

David wanted to create this space where art is accessible, and so he did. His youthful idealism attracted luck into his first year and his hard work turned his dreams into reality, year after year. It is with this mission-driven spirit that Sculpture by the Sea continues to thrive despite the many challenges David and his team have to constantly face behind the scenes. At every event, he is able to curate experiences for people of all social classes, genders, ages and nationalities.

In this interview, David talks about the challenges that need to be overcome to bring Sculpture by the Sea to life every year (now in Sydney and Perth). He also discusses what ordinary citizens can do to further promote, support and power this unique event. David shows his revolutionary spirit and dedication, and inspires us to look beyond the surface of his beautiful gift to the world.

You can connect with David Handley via the Sculpture By The Sea website.

The Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney and Perth is one of the largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition in Australia and the world. This exhibition is held annually  from late October to early November for three weeks. Over 100 local, interstate and international artists participate every year. Sculpture by the Sea is incredibly popular and draws considerable crowds estimated to be around half a million people.

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