Sales Specialist & Sales Coach, Sharon Grant

Episode 038
Sharon Grant is not a natural born salesperson. She learned how to be, and now she is passionate and enthusiastic about helping individuals and businesses grow.
Today’s guest as worked for Australiasia’s number 1 retail sales company, and worked for many years as the trainer of a leading sales team. She is a multi-faceted sales guru and a sought-after coach in Australia. Meet Sharon Grant
Sharon achieved success through positive coaching.

Sharon studied Human Resources Management and is currently continuing studies in Entrepreneurship Management.

Sharon’s mom, who was a single parent, was her ultimate influencer. She instilled in her that whatever setback she had to face in life, she would make it through.

Not knowing what she really wanted to do in school, Sharon decided to take a gap year. Later, she finished her degree, spent some time in a Human Resource role but Sharon learned she did not want to be in the corporate world.

Eventually, Sharon found herself in the sales industry and she hasn’t looked back since. She has worked and held senior roles for leading companies Flight Centre, Carnival and The Coaching Institute.

Life also threw disappointments and challenges her way but Sharon chose not to lose sight and instead jump and deal with it. Sharon is now the owner of Elegant Sales Success business. She shares her sales techniques and knowledge by developing sales strategies and education for small-and-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

In this episode, Sharon talks about her life and career coaches, some who she has not met in person. She also shares the secrets to building a successful sales business and cultures.
She also offers advice on how to survive sales, develop strategies and many more insights.

In this episode, you will learn more about Sharon’s career life. If you’d like to get in touch with Sharon, connect with her LinkedIn at Sharon Grant.

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