Restaurateur and Owner The Grounds in Alexandria, Ramzey Choker

Episode 050
Ramzey has a burning passion for building and creating things. He is a promoninent name in the Australian hospitality industry and the owner of several businesses, including cafes and restaurants that are immensely popular.
Today’s guest has a very successful business. In fact, His creation is one of the most Instagrammed (top 10) places in Australia. Ramzey Choker is the founder and owner of The Grounds in Alexandria in Sydney’s Innerwest (and now The Grounds of the city). Meet Ramzey Choker.
Ramzey has been in hospitality for years. He creates experiences for communities. His brand is thriving that it continues to fill the stomachs and hearts of hundred of thousands of people from all over the world.

As a child, Ramzey Choker looked up to his father, an entrepreneur who loved building businesses. At some point, Ramzey and his family lost everything. However, this didn’t stop Ramzey from doing what he loves to do (in fact this family tragedy gave him the inner strength)  as he soon started to get back on his feet, be serious and create immensely successful businesses.

Ramzey didn’t study much in the early stages of his life. However he has read as much entrepreneurial books as he could. Now, Ramzey is the director of The Grounds in Alexandria, a thriving urban sanctuary and one of the top 10 Instagrammed places in Australia.

In this interview, Ramzey talks more about The Grounds in Alexandria, what sets it apart and how he did it. He also talks more about the most outrageous thing his done through his business.

As he figures out what’s next for The Grounds in Alexandria, Ramzey shares more of his business ideas that he plans to turn into reality in the near future. He also offers advice for people who are stuck in a creative rut as well as for those looking to start a business.

In this episode, you will learn more about Ramzey’s journey to entrepreneurial success. Connect with him at The Grounds of Alexandria website, The Grounds of the city, or Linkedin.

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