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Episode 066
Ben is a risk taker. His journey to a successful career involved being open to change while, jump into unknown jobs and countries, and always doing what he loves.
Today’s guest is passionate about advertising. He studied public relations, journalism and law. Now, he is an asset to one of the world’s biggest and most loved brands in the world, LEGO. Meet Ben Campbell
Ben holds a public relations degree, a masters in journalism and a post graduate degree in law. All these helped him to be one of Denmark’s top industry leaders.

Ben came from humble beginnings, with only his mom around. Growing up, Ben looked up to his sports coaches the most, whom he described as strong male role models.

Ben took up public relations in university. While Ben did not consider university as a normal pathway, he found himself enjoying higher education.

After uni, he travelled all over the world, and worked in China for a while. He then worked in Australia for several years, and now, Ben is currently the senior global strategist at LEGO Group based in Denmark, a role wherein he feels like he is a football coach more than a manager.

Before this, Ben worked with a number of Australian PR agencies, social media agencies and in the higher education sector, where he gradually climbed the ranks. Of course, all these weren’t served in a silver platter, Ben had to face uncertainties and constantly embrace change – including leaving everything and moving on to new chapters of both his career and personal life.

In this interview, Ben talks about his journey, including his experiences moving overseas. Ben talks about the things that led him to his success – brick by brick. He also provides insights on how work culture greatly differ between Denmark and Australia.

In this episode, you will learn more about Ben’s inspiring career. Connect with my guest via his LinkedIn and his website You can also follow his travels on Instagram.

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