Professor of Innovation & International Keynote Speaker, Prof Alf Rehn

Episode 106
Professor Alf Rehn adds philosophy to innovation. His unique perspective makes him the perfect man to speak about how we can transform what already exists into something that more will benefit from.

Today’s guest is a world-renowned professor of innovation. He is a wise leader who promotes critiquing innovation itself, to see beyond what we know and to create what we really need. Honest and objective, he opens our eyes to a variety of possibilities. Meet Professor Alf Rehn.

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Professor Alf Rehn sees beauty in simplicity. He is not concerned with the glitz and glam of innovation. Rather, he focuses on what is necessary, taking a holistic approach to innovation. His foresight is what we need during this worldwide crisis.

Professor Alf Rehn had a unique childhood. Coming out of a recession in Finland, Alf and his family moved from one place to another. This allowed him to see the world for all its similarities and differences. Being a perpetual outsider in all the places he lived in, his love for books and gaining knowledge grew. Seeing the world from its periphery also helped him learn and unlearn many beliefs and ways of living.

His life continued to thrive as he became a fully tenured professor at the young age of 31. From there, having reached an important milestone, he was allowed the time to survey his life and ask the important questions. He met plenty of interesting people that allowed him to see what his purpose truly was.

Alf’s philosophical mind wanted to understand what borders and blockages our minds experience, and why. He understood that the best way to tackle this issue is through studying creativity. Alf Rehn has been able to make sense of idea often romanticised by many, taking innovation down to its roots and studying beyond what other innovators are focused on.

In this interview, Professor Alf Rehn shares his insights on creating diversity in innovation. He also talks about the importance of self-reflection to enact change. He also discusses the importance of being a critic.


You can connect with Professor Alf Rehn through his website, He is also available on LinkedIn.

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