Pet, Animal & Best Dog Photographer In The World, Alex Cearns

Episode 056
Alex Cearns is a prolific photographer working with the perfect subjects – our furry friends. She is a professional photographer, who has photographed thousands of dogs around the world.
Today’s guest is a self-taught photographer and businesswoman. Alex is an award-winning Australian animal photographer. She is also very active with international charities related to animal welfare. Meet Alex Cearns.
Alex is one, if not the greatest, dog photographer this world has ever seen but she believes she has yet to take her best photograph.

Alex Cearns spent her childhood growing up in farms and outback areas of Southern and Western Australia. Her first friends were animals, most of them rescued from the wildlife and nurtured by her parents.

After high school, Alex joined the police force, where she found her interest in photography. At the time, Alex worked on animal photography simply because she enjoyed doing it, not for commercial purposes.

Gradually, Alex started winning photography awards that led her to realise opening her own pet photo studio – an unusual setting in Australia. To do this, she quit a high-paying job she had worked for 19 years. Now, she is living a happy life and is known to be one of the world’s best animal photographers working with clients, big organisations and various international charities.

In this interview, Alex talks about her first digital camera and how she learned her way through photography. She also shares stories of her own pets – two dogs and a cat.

Alex also shares more about the beginnings of her successful life as well as the joys and challenges of her business.

In this episode, you will learn more about Alex’s pet-friendly career life. If you’d like to get in touch with Alex, connect with her in her website, on Facebook and Instagram.

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