Parenting As A Career Break, Juan Bernal

Episode 082
Juan Bernal is a man’s man. Hardworking and ambitious, he deems his 3 years as stay-at-home dad as the most challenging and most rewarding time in his life.
Today’s guest is a man who has been transformed by parenthood. As he embraces his role as a father to his 3 young boys, living in a foreign country, foregoing his career and learning to depend on his partner, his life seems to go upside down. However, he emerges stronger than ever as a better professional, husband, father and human being. Breaking stereotypes, he is now back in Australia and has proved his worth as a corporate man and a role model for his children. Meet Juan Bernal.
Juan Bernal has learned not to depend on anyone for anything. He knows the value of hard work and prides himself in the life he has created when he moved to Australia from Colombia. His life faces an even more unexpected turn through fatherhood: a role that would eventually prove to hold the most valuable lessons, a role he now wears as a badge of honour.

Juan Bernal is a Colombian native raised by a single mother. Following his mother’s philosophy, he started working at a young age, making the most of his youth while not neglecting his responsibilities and priorities.

He has worked for esteemed companies such as Bank of America and Coca Cola where his marketing skills were developed and enhanced. Thirsty for more, Juan decided to get a post-graduate degree abroad, and because of the high costs of studying in the US or Canada, he ended up with a travel opportunity to Australia.

With nothing but his clothes and a thousand dollars, Juan propelled his life forward without fear. To this day, he recognises this move as one of the most enriching experiences of his life. This learning experience would then be repeated as Juan is challenged to make one of the biggest sacrifices in his life: Foregoing his successful career (after working in companies such as Commonwealth Bank, VISA, UnionPay International and AMEX) for the good of his family.

As his entire family emigrated to Singapore for his wife’s career, for 3 years, Juan became a stay-at-home dad to his 3 boys. This situation challenged not only his patience but also shattered his preconceived notions about parenting and the role of mother and father in the upbringing of children. It also asked him to let go of his desire to be independent, learning the balance of how he and his wife relied on each other.

In this interview, Juan encourages families to value their presence in their children’s lives. He discusses the delights and hardships of being a stay-at-home dad, shares some parenting tips, and talks about how he got his career back after vacating his office job for work that comes but once in a lifetime.

You can connect directly with Juan Bernal through his LinkedIn profile.

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