‘Never Too Small’ creator, Colin Chee

Episode 084
Colin Chee is a man of simplicity. He strives to capture the essence of a story and present it in the most digestible way possible. His current creative venture (Never Too Small) reflects his values perfectly.
Today’s guest has built a fan base of 800,000 followers through his YouTube channel, Never Too Small. What started out as a side hustle and creative outlet has engaged people from all over the world and started important conversations on urban living, as well as the power of smart architecture and innovative design to transform spaces and our very lives. He captures all these modern ideas in 5 minutes of soothing and inspiring videos. Meet Colin Chee.
Colin Chee has a passion for converting the complex to the simple. There is great genius in doing so, as this process requires understanding the whole and creating a captivating visual narrative using the most essential parts of a story. He is living proof that when you do what you love, happiness and success are naturally drawn to your life.

Colin Chee was born and raised in Malaysia. As a child, he was fascinated by the violin and the piano, to the point that he dreamed about being a musical composer. As part of this love for music, Colin has learned to transcribe sheets into music for piano, unlocking a skill that would lead to his current passion project.

It was in 2013 that Colin started living in his very own urban space: a 38-square-meter apartment. To improve his space, Colin started to do some research online to get space-saving ideas and tips. Upon watching various videos on small format living, Colin realized that many of these features are from the perspective of the people living in those spaces. What he wanted was to hack into the minds of the designers and architects themselves, and so he did.

After receiving the go-ahead from his boss to pursue filming small living spaces, Never Too Small videos found their way towards the internet. These videos feature interviews with architects and designers who cleverly created ways to improve and even enrich the lifestyle of city dwellers. Colin believes that it was only on their 10th episode that things got truly viral. Now with 30 or so videos online, Never Too Small is inspiring millions of people to rethink their living spaces. The channel has also transformed his very life and career. Now, Colin receives submissions from all over the globe and continues to get millions of views for the videos they release.

In this interview, Colin talks about the birth and growth of Never Too Small, and shares some details on the direction the company is headed for 2020. He also shares some useful tips, especially for artistic introverts with original ideas waiting to be unleashed.

You can connect with Colin Chee through his Linkedin page or the Never Too Small YouTube channel.

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