‘Napkin Notes’ Creator & 7-Time Cancer Survivor, Garth Callaghan

Episode 072
Garth Callaghan is a man of genuine gratitude. He continues to battle cancer with a wonderful arsenal of positivity, self-discipline and connection.
Today’s guest rose to fame from creating Napkin Notes, a family ritual that turned into a worldwide phenomenon. His love for his daughter along with his realizations from living with his days numbered created an unbelievable ripple effect. Fighting uncertainty with faith, he is now a published author and remains close to his daughter. He continues to manifest positivity into his own life and everything he touches. Meet Garth Callaghan.
Garth is thankful for everything in his life, both great and small, and he isn’t afraid to express it. With an infectious vibe and a humble yet powerful mission, he is living proof that it’s the small acts that count and amount to something much bigger.

Garth Callaghan is a simple family man from Richmond, Virginia. He grew up in a small town, helping his mortician father and working on a paper route as a kid. At an early age, he learned to respect hard work. Seeing death as a natural part of life also taught him to recognize yet remain unafraid of it.

This knowledge and acceptance itself may just be what led him to live a life of gratitude and depth. Despite working for years on his IT business, he found a way to make his presence in his daughter’s life meaningful. Since his daughter Emma was in kindergarten, he has been leaving her simple notes–his own thoughts, some quotes–along with her lunch. A family tradition was born, now known by various families as Napkin Notes. These notes were something he held sacred. He decided to share online to help other parents connect with their children.

When struck again and again by cancer, Grant was faced with the realization that he may not live to see her daughter turn into a woman. Through a beautiful twist of fate in an airport, he replaced fear with love and dedicated 826 Napkin Notes, just in case. This fateful moment also led him to the right people and, quite magically, his story became a bigger spectacle that amazes and touches all who hears it.

In this interview, Garth shares how his discipline and innate positivity made all this magic possible. He talks about his love for fountain pens, how his life has never been the same since Napkin Notes, and his never-ending gratitude.

The best way to connect with Garth Callaghan via The Napkin Notes Dad website and Facebook. You can also get the Napkin Notes book in Amazon.

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