Musician and Saxophone Player, Matt Ottignon

Episode 006
“Matt has undisputable musical genes, being a saxophone player and a multi-instrumentalist (playing more than 7 music instruments).

Today’s guest is what I call a true musician. He has his own band (Mr Ott), has played all over the world, has been on stage with international legends such as Lou Reed & Portishead, and has worked with local celebrities like Jimmy Barnes and Guy Sebastian. He has also been involved in different types of projects such as the children’s music TV show Lah-Lah and in a unique multi-artistic project called Scotch and Soda.  My guest today is Matt Ottignon.

Matt studied Music in Sydney, has worked all over the world, has played to crowds of thousands of people and has been on stage with other world-class musicians.

Matthew Ottignon is a musician who not only plays the tenor saxophone but 7 other musical instruments.
He is widely recognised in the industry and has received awards such as a finalist at the 2002 Wangaratta National Jazz Awards and a two-time Freedman Fellowship nominee.

Matt grew up in Auckland in a family of musicians. He then moved to Sydney where he studied Jazz music at a university in Sydney while working as a musician at the same time. After he finished his degree, he went on to work in cruises, which took him all over the world. He later decided to come back to Sydney and joined the local music scene. This is when he was invited to be part of a children’s TV show called Lah- Lah Adventures. Lah-Lah is all about introducing children and their families to music and musical instruments through fun and entertainment. Its programs are currently broadcasting daily across Australia on free to air TV, cable TV and in the UK. This year is its 10th year anniversary.

He is also part of Scotch and Soda which is a performing arts company and a form of a contemporary circus that has dancers, circus artists and live musicians making it a musical work of art.  He has been playing with Aria winners Monsieur Camembert, and also has his own label and personal project Mr OTT.

In this interview, you will learn and hear about his journey as a musician. Matt will share the experiences he had as he encountered other professional musicians. You will also learn how he travelled and exchanged his stable life in Sydney to make music and the challenges this type of life brings. In this interview, Matt will give tips to those people starting their own careers, and the difficult decisions he made in order to get to where he is today. You will also learn what are his future projects are.

Enjoy the interview and leave your comments below if you would like to know something else about this particular line of work.

Connect with Matt through any of the following sites: Twitter (@mottiman), Facebook,, and Scotch-and-soda

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