Linkedin Expert, Sally Illingworth

Episode 062
Sally Illingworth is living proof that formal education is not a prerequisite to success.
Today’s guest is passionate about learning. Sally is a superstar and a leading LinkedIn and media innovator. Meet Sally Illingworth.
Sally is ambitious, driven and disciplined. Focusing in gaining as much knowledge and hands-on experience led her to where she is today.

Sally does not have formal education, but that did not stop her from spreading her wings, get her name out there and be one of Australia’s most influential personalities.

At a young age, Sally wanted financial independence. Everything started when she told herself she wanted to make some money for herself. Sooner or later, it turned into what she calls an obsessive competitiveness with herself to learn more and get better.

Sally taught herself to be progressive up until the time she no longer needed to apply for jobs. Now, she is her own boss.

In this interview, Sally talks about how working with a pizza bar led her to be a powerhouse influencer and adviser. She offers tips to people looking to get involved in LinkedIn learning, the secrets of great LinkedIn engagement and many more insights.

She also provides her biggest advice for young people who just finished university and are looking for what’s next after school.

In this episode, you will learn more about Sally’s career life, which is definitely one for the books. If you’d like to get in touch with Sally visit her linkedin profile.

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