Listening and Sound Expert, Best Selling Author & TED Talk Hall of Fame, Julian Treasure

Episode 138
Julian Treasure is highly attuned to the sounds that surround us daily, from voices to music and ambient sound. He has developed and harnessed the essential and often forgotten skill of deep listening and understands how sound profoundly affects us humans.

Today’s guest is a world-renowned sound and communication expert. One of his videos is among TED Talk’s most-watched videos of all time. His audio branding company, The Sound Agency, also helps organizations design original sounds that match their company’s identity and core values. Meet Julian Treasure.

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What does a world-famous sound and communication expert have to teach us about mindfulness, happiness and success? Julian Treasure discusses how music, communication and sound affect our daily lives.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Julian Treasure:

  • 4:19 – Music and sound
  • 12:58 – Body, feelings, cognition, behaviour
  • 18:58 – Music and children
  • 22:31 – Creativity and self-awareness
  • 31:04 – Communication and relationships
  • 47:55 – Speaking with an accent
Julian Treasure believes in using the symbolic and associative characteristics of sound to design our environment and change our lives. He reminds us of how sound affects us all the time, wherever we are. His intuition and passion make him a true innovator worth listening to.

Julian Treasure was born in a time when music was made to be listened to. At a young age, he has possessed a love for music. As a musician, his brain was wired to be attentive and to develop a sensitivity for sound. This passion developed into innovation, realizing that we often design what we see but we rarely design what we hear.

Now, Julian Treasure uses his knowledge to talk about how sound affects our body, feelings, cognition and behaviour. He believes that the intention of what we listen to should match what we ourselves intend to do. He also emphasizes the circular relationship between speaking and listening, and how the latter is not prioritized in our conversations. He believes that powerful speaking and conscious listening are both crucial in good communication.

He is very much aware of how our attention can so easily be dragged out of the present moment, especially in this era. However, Julian Treasure advocates for making space to really listen to people, and to savour the spaces we dwell in. Listening is a skill that takes work, summed up in his 4 C’s: consciousness, commitment, compassion and curiosity.

In this interview, Julian Treasure shares tips on what music to listen to when we want to focus. He also gives actionable advice on how to listen to others better. He also talks about why care is the most important value for his company, and how faith, love, acceptance and gratitude shape his success and his identity. Learn from someone who’s TED presentations have been seen more than 100 million times!


You can connect with Julian Treasure through his official website. You can also avail his services through his audio branding company, The Sound Agency. One of his recent projects, Mood Sonic, is also available online for your enjoyment.

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