Journalist, Founder of Kusina Madrid and Chefugee, Natalia Diaz

Episode 067
Natalia is a great creative thinker and innovator. Her journey to a successful life started when she pushed herself to breakout of her comfort zone.
Today’s guest is passionate about the art of communication. Now, she is on a mission to empower refugees around the world through food and all the experiences and happiness it brings to people. Meet Natalia Diaz.
Natalia is always ready to embrace change – a very big factor that help establish her as a top-rated food blogger and international event
organizer in Madrid, Spain.

Natalia was always interested in reading and writing. Growing up, her dad encouraged her to work hard on what she enjoyed doing. Natalia also had a knack for business, which influenced her to take up business administration at a university in the Philippines. She later moved to Sydney, where she took up creative writing.

Being in between jobs, Natalia thought everything was comfortable and that she wanted a breath of fresh air. Then, she was offered a teaching role in Madrid. This opportunity brought Natalia to discover her next best venture – a successful blog.

A couple of years later, Natalia was able to grow this amazing initiative and make it known to the wider Madrid food market. Now, Natalia is not only the brain behind Kusina Madrid, but also the founder of Chefugee.

However, all this success was no easy feat for Natalia. Coupled with a lot of hard work, Natalia was faced with a number of challenges, including having to leave her loved ones behind and start anew in a foreign land.

In this interview, Natalia talks about her successful project. She shares her learnings and experiences as a blogger, as well as her realisations now that she runs a thriving organisation together with passionate volunteers, refugees and asylum seekers for a bigger cause.

Natalia offers her top advice for people looking to jump to a new life overseas. She also talks about what success and happiness for someone like her.

In this episode, you will learn more about Natalia’s inspiring career life. Connect with my guest via Facebook and Instagram @chefugeemadrid. You can also write to her at, as well as visit their website at and Kusina Madrid blog.

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