Investor, Tech Founder & AFR Young Rich List, Nick Bell

Episode 071
Nick Bell is a man of action. A real go-getter, his success is driven by chasing leads day and night and always staying hungry for growth.
Today’s guest is a self-made businessman and marketing expert who invests his resources based not just on ideas but the capability and energy of the people seeking his favour. He is a boss in every way, motivating people with the strength of his drive and his unrelenting hard work. A man who is never complacent and always aims higher: Meet Nick Bell.
Nick has sold his very successful international digital marketing company, the first out of the 7 he created. He has developed this business for 10 years, yet he feels the need to challenge his passion even further. Now, he invests on various business, makes mistakes along the way, but always emerges better and bolder than ever before.

Nick grew up in a cattle and sheep farm in Australia, living a typical, average, middle-class life. His father loved business and shared all he could about success and life. His advice? “Do what makes you happy.”

So, Nick chased after his happiness for years. He dropped out of University, a path he only pursued because it’s what was expected of him. As he forged his way through the world, he drifted around for years, hopping from one restaurant, hotel or bar to another.

Then, at 22 years old, the doors to business sprung wide open and he found his place in the world. He hustled at a recruitment company where he realised his ability to chase leads and work twice as hard as everyone else.

From an unsuccessful first business, a side hustle was born. This venture that was only supposed to be his means to survive became his triumphant first agency, Web Marketing Experts. He created a company culture that thrives and is brought alive by over 400 employees working for his 6 agencies today.

In this interview, Nick shares how he uses his skills to motivate and nurture employees who share his drive. Nick talks about how he approaches mistakes in investments, what kind of people he surrounds himself with, how he leaves his ego at the door and the main reason he was able to turn $400 into tens of millions of dollars.

The best way to connect with Nick Bell via Linkedin.

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