Industrial Designer and Toy Maker, Jake Diaz

Episode 068
Jake’s work revolves around fatherhood – being present and involved with kids interests. His success is the perfect mixture of creativity and simplicity.
Today’s guest is an industrial designer and toymaker. He is the founder, owner, designer and builder of one of Australia’s innovative and unique toy company, ‘Have A Nice Day’. Toys that spark imagination and creativity in kids minds. Meet Jake Diaz.
Jake left a high paying job to start his own company. This has been one of the best decisions of his lifetime.

Jake grew up in Sydney, where he spent most of his weekends on the garage with his dad building and fixing things. This inspired him to finish woodwork in high school and went take up Industrial Design at university, where he enjoyed hands-on and practical projects.

After university, Jake held several design engineer roles in various well-known companies in Australia. These experiences helped enrich Jake’s knowledge in designing and engineering machines.

Jake’s secret to creating a career breakthrough was fueled by his professional background and having a baby. Hours after work, Jake started building toys for his son – which later developed to be a very successful business.

Now, Jake designs and produces toys that are being sold in over a hundred stores across Australia; but the road to success wasn’t easy. Jake was also faced with challenges – including endless emails, phone calls and a number of rejections from walking-in into stores.

In this interview, Jake shares how he turned these noes to yeses of success. He also talks about the first toy he made for his son, as well as stories of his travels around the world with his then-girlfriend. As well as parenting secrets, Jake provides some tips on juggling family life and successful career life – you might have already guessed, most if it involve toys.


In this episode, you will learn more about Jake’s fun journey with toys. Connect with Jake at LinkedIn and support his company Have a Nice Day Toys on Instagram

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