Illumination Design & Lighting Engineer, Professor Warren Julian

Episode 007
My guest today is a Lighting Engineer who has taught all over the world. He Received the Order of Australia for his contribution to his field.  My Guest is Warren Julian.

Today’s guest received an Order Of Australia (AM) which is one of the highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service in the country. Warren received it for this contribution in education, research and teaching of illumination & Lighting engineering. He was the director of Illumination Design Program at the University of Sydney, has presented at countless conferences, published a great number of books, and has been the chair of committees and member of boards all over the world. My guest today is Emeritus Professor Warren Julian.

Warren has published a great number of books, journals and developed lighting education programs not only in Australia but in many countries around the world.

Warren Jullian is currently an Emeritus Professor and academic at the University of Sydney where he also had a number of senior administrative and academic positions. He is currently heavily involved internationally in most matters to do with Lighting. He is a Lighting Engineer and was the director of Illumination Design Program at the University of Sydney. He received the order of Australia for his services to Illumination Engineering.

He’s born and raised in Sydney. When he graduated he started working as a lecturer at the University of Sydney. It was here where he started travelling and saw that he could help people from other countries. He spent lots of his time assisting people from other countries trying to developing Lighting Education and International Involvement.

In this interview, you will learn the traits that helped Warren become successful, The strategies Warren uses to deal with difficult situation (which in his case is more how to prevent issues from becoming real problems), his strategy to hire people that work for him, why he thinks it is worth working towards Satisfaction and contentment (and not happiness) and the things he learned from travelling.

Enjoy the interview and leave your comments below if you would like to know something else about this particular line of work.

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