Human Rights Advocate & Sports Commentator, Craig Foster

Episode 102
Craig Foster is a humanitarian. Using his influence on the world of sports, his desire for social justice propels many campaigns forward all around the world.

Today’s guest is a professional football player turned sports commentator and human rights advocate. He is a man of integrity who uses his principles to effect change. Craig’s projects focus on multiculturalism and the interconnectedness of the world. He is an incredible example of what it means to work and live for others. Meet Craig Foster.

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Craig Foster sets the bar high for athletes, not just in football, but throughout the world of sports. By following his values, he inspires others to go beyond their roles and be part of a larger world.

Craig Foster has always loved both the spirit of sports and of community. Growing up, fairness and equality has always been emphasised in his family and neighbourhood. As he stepped out into the world to play professional football, Craig saw the world anew. Travelling made him see how everyone is connected and what role he can play for the good of all.

As a man of passion, Craig used sports to enhance his values. He became well-known in Australia and abroad, and he has used his status to fight for “the little guys,” from youth players to indigenous people. Instead of taking on the role of leader, Craig likes to collaborate and work collectively. He was able to influence many to take on his global view of humanity and take up humanitarian causes.

Craig works hard to boost social responsibility among athletes and players. As he works with his beliefs, he has fostered great relationships with organisations that strive for equality. To Craig, happiness is only real when it is shared with all.

In this interview, Craig Foster talks about his many causes. He discusses what drives him to do all this work for others. He also shares the fulfilment and inspiration that one can get from living a life with a purpose.


You can connect with Craig Foster through his LinkedIn profile. You can also help out with his current advocacies, Game Over and Play for Lives.

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