How To Increase Creativity & Be Open To Change, Professor Ricardo Sosa

Episode 099
Ricardo Sosa is a master of creativity. Exploring and teaching the value of change, his 20 years of teaching innovation and design has made him an expert on how to bring creative solutions to everyday life.

Today’s guest is a professor of design and computational science. He is an innovator who focuses on the learning experiences that lead to a creative life. Ricardo’s experiments and expertise has helped various students in becoming great individuals through creativity and adaptability. He is a person who understands how to propel our lives further through change. Meet Professor Ricardo Sosa.

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Ricardo Sosa’s ability to enhance creativity by making it a part of our lifestyles opens us up to concepts that we have not accessed and applied in our lives. Through boosting four different capabilities that lead to more creativity, he helps others be happier and more resilient.

For 20 years, Ricardo has been teaching and studying thousands of individuals to understand how we can be more creative. Through the development of unique techniques and strategies, he has tapped into the power of creativity in design, engineering and business. He then applies what he has learned to help all types of people tap into their creativity.

Ricardo has studied our varied ways of being and came up with four dispositions that need to be applied religiously in our lives. By tapping into these concepts, and really disciplining ourselves to be more creative, we can achieve success and connect with life on a deeper level.

Ricardo believes that by creating our lives around adaptability, ignoring the concepts of success and failure and instead focusing on the process, people can add value to their lives and to society as a whole.

In this interview, Ricardo Sosa talks about how we can adapt to radical changes and unleash our creativity. He shares concrete examples and practical advice on how creativity makes our lives better.


You can connect with Ricardo Sosa by sending him a message through his LinkedIn profile.

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