IKEA Head of Global Innovation, Stiven Kerestegian

Episode 103
Stiven Kerestegian understands space and design. Taking every opportunity that comes his way, his mission to make the world better through his meaningful contribution is truly inspiring.

Today’s guest is a designer and innovator that has worked for companies like Lego, Kodak and Ikea. He is an amazing observer of materials and space. Stiven’s career is the result of both his creativity and curiosity. He is a passionate dreamer and a hard worker who thrives in change. Meet Stiven Kerestegian.

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Stiven Kerestegian is all about creating alternate ways of seeing materials and designing products that make lives easier yet more meaningful. Through his insatiable thirst for learning, he adds value to the ordinary and creates masterpieces.

Stiven Kerestegian grew up with parents that encouraged his confidence and allowed him to be curious. With a love of technology and experimentation, he followed a path towards design. He initially wanted to specialise in automotive design, but his desire for more diversity led him to industrial design.

Despite a successful career in Microsoft, Stiven continued to grab opportunities that would help him grow. He never stops raising the bar for his aspirations. This optimistic attitude and desire to live life fully led to many doors opening for Stiven. He ended up working for big names like Kodak and Lego, always learning through the different processes and people he encounters.

He uses all the platforms he can to dream of the future by creating solutions in the present. His own business, Chilote Shoes, is an extension of his experiments on materials and his mission for mankind. Here, he has created a business model that provides sustainable solutions and promotes local culture.

In this interview, Stiven Kerestegian talks about the importance of applying creativity to various aspects of our lives. He also discusses the lessons he has learned from various experiences and challenges. Stiven shares useful tips on how to creatively and purposefully make use of the time we have on this planet.


You can connect with Stiven Kerestegian through his LinkedIn profile. You can also contact Stiven through the Chilote Shoes website. The company creates salmon skin leather house shoes that you can purchase online as well. This will then support the Chilean families and artists that create the shoes.


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