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Episode 070
Cesar Munoz is one of the most recognized executives in Colombia in business strategy, public affairs and corporate social responsibility.
Today’s guest studied engineering. He has a national award for being a “Leader in Action”. He has managed to work for Deloitte, Samsung, Telefonica and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies in Colombia. He has been a person who with much effort, dedication and intelligence, has been able to contribute to businesses, his country and the community. My guest is Cesar Munoz.
Cesar believes that in order to grow you have to take yourself out of the comfort zone. It is in times of difficulty and challenge that you become stronger and wiser to grow both professionally and personally, so you should pursue them, even more if you feel frighten about it.

From a very young age he lived in different parts of the country because of his father’s work, which opened different perspectives on life. Growing up, he wanted to study aviation like his father, however, mathematics was more passionate and he went to study civil engineering. Before graduating, he managed to start working in a business consulting firm where he lasted eight years concentrating in strategy and business transformation.

Cesar then challenged himself by becoming a rural telecommunications manager, guaranteeing new products and services for people who need it. Sometime later, he managed to get different jobs and projects that helped him challenge himself as a person to have the ability to innovate even more.

Cesar managed to succeed in pursuing what always moved him, both corporate growth and social assistance. He successfully boosted internet adoption in Colombia, developing and innovative strategy and public policy for SMBs. He then took on a new challenge by developing an award-winning program to transform education with technology as Samsung’s Corporate Affairs Head in Colombia.

Most recently, Cesar moved to Australia with his family consciously putting himself out of his comfort zone seeking new opportunities for growth for his children, his wife and himself.

In this episode you will hear his lessons learned on leadership, team building, having problems with your boss and innovation. You will learn that the biggest challenges will train you to be a better professional, help you achieve your passion and serve others.


In this episode, you will learn more about Cesar insightful career. Connect with Cesar via Linkedin.

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