Gloria Jeans Coffee Australia Co-founder, Peter Irvine

Episode 130
Peter Irvine is a man of hard work. He motivates others and breathes life into businesses through his advice and example.

Today’s guest is the co-founder of Gloria Jeans Coffee in Australia. He was also instrumental in launching McDonald’s in the country. He is a reliable leader and a diligent entrepreneur. Meet Peter Irvine.


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How can one achieve success through marketing and franchising businesses? Peter Irvine talks about the challenges and triumphs of developing two exceptional international brands.

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode with Peter Irvine:

  • 5:59 – Unique traits
  • 10:38 – Mentors
  • 15:20 – McDonald’s and innovation
  • 19:10 – Working with others
  • 24:12 – Gloria Jeans Coffee
  • 27:11 – What is branding?
  • 32:05 – Moving beyond trials and fears
  • 36:56 – Decision-making


Peter Irvine changed his life by getting clear on his vision and mission. His success and growth in his personal and professional life can be attributed to honouring hard work and consistently delivering what he promises.

Peter Irvine began his marketing career at a very young age. Choosing to quit school at 14, he opted for a junior job at an advertising agency. He would carry on to work here for 30 long years. Much of his knowledge and experience began here.

From a mindset of just earning enough to get by, Peter Irvine started to have a more future-oriented perspective. At work, he still remained the steadfast employee that he is. Driven only by his values, he got promotions for his reliability. He never asked nor aspired for his achievements. However, through various speakers and authors, he learned to unleash his true potential. He realized that there is more to life than paying bills and making this month’s rent. He started planning for the future and discovered the power of having a vision.

This is how he began his own enterprises. Peter Irvine started projects with the future in mind. Then, he engages others to buy into his vision. By addressing the issues that keep the team from achieving this vision, everyone is able to work through the problems. Such is his philosophy. After years of constantly producing creative work for McDonald’s, Peter Irvine has also mastered idea stimulation. To him, innovation is nothing but making a complex idea simple enough for people to engage with.

In this interview, Peter Irvine talks about his experiences with marketing, franchising and the world of retail. He also shares tips on how to expand a core idea into a brand. You will learn a lot from Peter Irvine’s ability to take an idea and bring it to life in the right direction.


You can learn from Peter Irvine’s short videos through his YouTube channel. You can also access free business planning materials from his official website.

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