Global Head of Innovation for Atlassian, Molly Hellerman

Episode 112
Molly Hellerman is a creature of curiosity and creativity. Her eclectic career path has provided her with plenty of rich experiences, providing lessons she happily shares with others.

Today’s guest is an amazing leader and coach who uses positive character building to create success. Her various experiences in sports and the corporate world make her an effective and inspiring leader. Meet Molly Hellerman.

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Molly Hellerman actively seeks out lessons in every counter she has. Her ability to listen and collaborate makes her a success as an individual and as part of an innovative team in one of the biggest tech companies in Australia and the world, Atlassian.

Molly Hellerman’s life began with encouragement for curiosity and adventure. At an early age, she has valued the lessons she received from the people she meets and the places she visits. It is through these experiences as a child, and also being a mother, that she has expanded her perspective.

By being immersed in the world of sports, she has picked up valuable traits that she employs until today. Molly is a team player who finds fun in achieving goals together. She also believes there are multiple faces to leadership. Her experience as a goalie also taught her to be resilient in times of pressure and to fully engage in all her endeavours.

Molly Hellerman believes that both encouragement and creative fiction are important to success. By working together to embrace big problems as a team, Molly leads others to perform at their best. It is her ability to disrupt the status quo in order to create something better that makes her indispensable and remarkable as a leader at Atlassian.

In this interview, Molly Hellerman talks about what exposing yourself do various work environments can add to your character. She also shares the value of positivity, as well as the beauty of learning from others.


You can connect with Molly Hellerman through her LinkedIn profile.

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