World Record Holder Polar Explorer, Entrepreneur, Geoff Wilson

Episode 131
Geoff Wilson is a man of strength and fortitude. He explores the wilderness with both patience and passion, always dreaming big but planning well.

Today’s guest is a world record holder explorer and, entrepreneur and veterinarian. He has conquered the Antarctic Continent, the Sahara Desert and the Torres Strait. He fulfils his purpose by aligning his actions with his core values. Meet Geoff Wilson.


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How did Geoff Wilson conquer the most extreme environments? Where does he get his fortitude, strength and resilience?

Here are some important topics discussed in this episode.

45:14 – Risk assessment
9:38 – Visualization
12:33 – Developing resilience
21:45 – Physical and mental strength
26:57 – Boundaries and fairness
32:39 – Working with others
38:54 – Moving through pain
42:32 – Asking and listening
44:37 – Parenthood


Geoff Wilson is all about resilience. His physical and mental strength allows him to achieve the most incredible records. His self-knowledge is also of paramount importance to getting where he is today.

Geoff Wilson cherishes his moral compass and uses it both in his business and his expeditions. With a childhood spent in Uganda, Indonesia and Australia, his adventurous spirit was awakened. His father reveled in all his crazy ideas. He always believed that Geoff had it in him.

Geoff Wilson’s philosophy is resilience and preparation. For every adventure, he had multiple plans for every bad outcome. All his trips take an immense amount of studying, risk assessment and a solid action plan. This allows him a faster recovery time.

Beyond the planning, he also developed his resilience through exercising his “faith eye.” With constant and specific visualization, Geoff Wilson harnesses the power of his mind. By meditating on his vision, he develops both discipline and a positive attitude, Self-knowledge is also vital to his success. With an understanding of his core values, his purpose shines clear and his actions translate his beliefs.

In this interview, Geoff Wilson talks about how he survives extreme environments and the most mentally challenging conditions. He also shares how he chooses the people on his team and his responsibilities as a leader.


You can connect with Geoff Wilson through a direct message on his Instagram.

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