MUD Australia Founder & Ceramic Designer, Shelley Simpson

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Shelley Simpson is a self-made woman. Dedicating her vision to the happiness of others, her dedication and ability to push boundaries to elevate her products beyond the ordinary.

Today’s guest is the owner and founder of MUD Australia. She is a down-to-earth artist that uses minimalist designs and elegant techniques in creating ceramics. Shelley’s hand made products have a wonderful colour palette and undeniable functionality. She is an admirable woman despite–and even because–of her simplicity. Meet Shelley Simpson.

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Shelley Simpson proves that beauty lies in subtlety and functional design always makes a statement. By doing what she loves, she creates works of art that many all over the world enjoy.

Shelley Simpson has always deeply admired her mother. As a role model, her mother taught her that there are no limits to what she can dream and do. Choosing a quiet and gentle life as a ceramic artist came easily to Shelley. However, this pleasurable enterprise did not lack hardships and persistence.

It took years before Shelley could revel in the success of her business. As her own style developed and took form, more people saw the authenticity in her work. MUD Australia grew and became part of more families and communities through word of mouth. This goes to show how much people believe in her craftsmanship and style.

With works of art created for the needs of a family, MUD Australia continues to add warmth and pleasure to homes all over the world. After years of striving, Shelley’s company now caters to customers in Australia, Europe and North America.

In this interview, Shelley discusses why it is essential to love the work you do in order to succeed. She shares useful tips for entrepreneurs and talks about the joy of creating for others.


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