GoGet Car Share & Dresden Eyewear Founder, Bruce Jeffreys

Episode 004
My guest today has opened two very community-focused businesses. GoGet (car sharing) and Dresden (glasses made with recycled plastic).

My guest today has opened two very successful business with the community in the front of mind. These two businesses have helped change peoples lives to the better. GoGet was the first car sharing company in Australia. They now have thousands of cars in all major Australian cities that allow people to enjoy cars by the hour. The second is Dresden, an eyewear company that builds glasses from recycled plastic at affordable prices so that everybody has access to them. They are now opening stores in several countries in the world and are planning to take them to India where there are millions of people needing glasess but cannot afford them. My guest today is Bruce Jeffreys.

Bruce brought the car sharing concept into Australia. As you can imagine, this was not easy!

Bruce Jeffreys is the founder of GoGet Car Share Company (present in all major Australian cities) and Dresden Glasses and eyewear who have stores in Sydney, Melbourne and very soon in Hong Kong, Canada and in many other countries.

Bruce grew up in India and Australia and finished a degree in economics. He then went to live in Turkey for a while. Once he came back to Australia, he started working extensively in both private and government sectors.

When he moved back to Australia, Bruce and his business partner Nic Lowe started GoGet, which is known to be Australia’s first car sharing service. It started very small with three cars, but soon after, his business grew and became well known, and with thousands of cars all over the country.

After almost a decade after, Bruce started Dresden Glasses and Eye Wear, which gives people high quality glasses. What makes Dresden unique is not only the quality of the glasses or that they are made of recycled material, but also because they have simplified the process which means it can be done in-store and within an hour.

In this interview, you will learn how Bruce managed to work his way towards his success in the field of business and how he managed to maintain balance in his life. Bruce also shared how he took all the hardships and risks he faced, how he handled uncertainty in terms of making decisions and what he learned when he was travelling, the difference of each place he has been. Bruce will also give advice on what skills should a person planning to open a business should have and his thoughts about travelling and having the experience of living in another country.

Enjoy the interview and leave your comments below if you would like to know something else about this particular line of work.

Bruce doesn’t have social media channels. The best way to connect to what Bruce is doing it to visit dresden.com.au, visit your closest Dresden Store  or/and visit GoGet

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